A parody of Neil Diamond's "America"


Living out of their car
Foreclosed their home
Left 'em quite a scar

Fuckin' fee after fee
Befuddles most
Like a ponzi scheme

Bombing brown folks in our names
They're thumbing down America
'scriminating blacks again
They're bumming in America

Prosecution unless you have paid
Regulate your whole life today
On the IRS form
The IRS form

Tax you even though you've paid off the place
Tax your bed and your fireplace
Into debt, kids are born
Into debt kids are born

Everywhere around the world
They're thumbing down America
All those times that flag's been burned
Befuddled in America

The ol' dream is now despair
They're bumming in America
Forcefully they take their share
They're thumbing down America

Befuddled in America
They're thumbing down America
They're dumbing down America
They're bumming in America

And you pay, And you pay,
And you pay, you pay, you pay

My country sickens me (you pay)
Screwed out of liberty (you pay)
A fee to sing? (you pay)
A fee to sing
And you pay, you pay, you pay
you pay, you pay, you pay.......


released July 2, 2017




The Kickass Parody Project Keene, New Hampshire

Having been called "an R rated version of "Weird Al" Yankovic" - The Kickass Parody Project (K.P.P.) is still going strong. It features songs you already know with ridiculous new lyrics by the Lord Reverend Captain Kickass (me!). It only has 3 requirements: to be poorly produced, borderline stupid and totally hilarious. With guests. ... more

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