When a girlfriend changes a man's diet. A parody of Metallica's "Sanitarium".


Welcome to a nightmare still
No one eats meat and no one will
Can't get full, food seems so strange
Vegetables raw cooked and strained
Eat the same thing it's too light
I dream of eating meat at night
No fresh meat, No cans no jars
I'd love to eat a steak that's charred

Weep my friend and cry for me
I'm forced to consume rabbit feed
My girl she keeps my diet strange
Not even chicken from free range

Vegetarians, don't eat meat
Vegetarians, don't eat meat at all

Build my fear of meats out there
Offer me a sliced up Pear
Whisper things into my brain
Encourage me to eat the same
They think my stomach's in their hands
That violent food makes violent man
The neighbor grills and he seems well
He's using butter, can't you tell?

Sear it to lock juices in
Listen, damn it, slice it thin
It's cooked just right, and not too well
Think it's safe to ring this dinner bell

Vegetarians, don't eat meat
Vegetarians, don't eat meat at all
Vegetarians, don't eat meat at all

Fear of carnivore
Tofu chunks for breakfast now
Might as well eat air
Gives me bad breath too
Not eating meat is hard
Visiting a steakhouse now
Seems the perfect way
For eating meat again.


released September 7, 2015
Lyrics by The Reverend Captain Kickass, Vocals by Oof Julian, special appearance by Gracie Face.


all rights reserved



The Kickass Parody Project Keene, New Hampshire

Having been called "an R rated version of "Weird Al" Yankovic" - The Kickass Parody Project (K.P.P.) is still going strong. It features songs you already know with ridiculous new lyrics by the Lord Reverend Captain Kickass (me!). It only has 3 requirements: to be poorly produced, borderline stupid and totally hilarious. With guests. ... more

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